USA Powered Parachute Flight Demonstration Team

C h u t i n g   E a g l e s
The MISSION of the Chuting Eagles is to promote the sport of powered parachute flying through a disciplined and professional public exhibition of the capabilities of these light sport aircraft.
The Show!
The Chuting Eagles perform a flying routine utilizing four powered parachute light sport aircraft.  The configuration, design, and control characteristics of these aircraft do not allow for speed control - they fly at a constant speed of about 28 mph.  The routines flown depend entirely on the precise directional and altitudinal control provided by the pilot.
Because these aircraft are so light, the standard flight demonstration performance is limited to winds less than 10 MPH.  At higher wind conditions, a non-standard routine may be performed by one or more aircraft.

In low-ceiling or rain conditions, the Chuting Eagles can still perform a non-standard show, and have often been able to entertain air show audiences while waiting for conditions to be suitable for flying by the other performers in the show.
The flying performance is about 18 minutes long, and involves formation flying, slow and tights turns, altitude variations, and other maneuvers within the flight envelope of these aircraft.  The design of the aircraft makes it incapable of stalls or inverted flight so all maneuvers are non-aerobatic.

Performing The Show